LifeBridge Parenting Classes | Tennessee State Approved

LifeBridge instructors have a common characteristic.  They have a heart for children to grow up with a positive relationship with both of their parents.  Our instructors’ enthusiasm and their hearts set them apart to be effective communicators of the LifeBridge Parenting Seminars.

Traditionally, our instructors are licensed professionals in psychology, family and marital therapy, family mediators, law and education.  LifeBridge hold its standards very high and we require a commitment to excellence.  All of the LifeBridge instructors must attend an 8 hour training program before they are able to teach the classes.  The training is very thorough and discusses not only the curriculum that we teach, but also an in-depth understanding of laws regarding divorce, the child support calculator, unique ways to convey ideas to parents and communicative tools for working with divorcing couples.

Instructors teach the LifeBridge Parenting Seminars on a regular basis that will compliment their professional schedule. It is an ideal way to supplement a professional practice and reach out to the community in a way that makes a positive difference in families!

As new classes are added to our offerings, you may attend additional training to teach in other areas.  Some of the areas that we envision at this time are Grandparent courses, Seminars for children of divorce (by age group), Seminars for unwed parents, Seminars for couples with children who are not in the process of divorcing, Seminars for the single parent, Domestic Violence classes, Spanish Parenting classes, and much more!

Instructors are paid on a monthly basis according to the number of classes taught.  Rates are negotiated according to the instructor’s experience, availability and attendance at the seminars.

To become a LifeBridge Instructor:

  1. Apply on-line by filling out the Instructor Application and attaching a resume.
  2. Email or fax the information to 615-742-5375.
  3. A phone interview will be arranged to discuss the commitment requirements.
  4. Sign the Instructor Confidentiality Agreement.
  5. Attend the LifeBridge Instructor training seminar, the date of which is set by LifeBridge, Inc.

LifeBridge instructors are our most valuable resource.

Join our team as we touch lives to give divorcing parents the resources to raise our future generations!