Resources for Newly Divorced Parents

Resources for Newly Divorced Parents

Kids need to be properly molded throughout the various stages of their lives in order to help them become the healthy, productive, and empathic members of society that they’re meant to be. This can be especially daunting if you’re a parent flying solo, so Lifebridge Parenting Classes offer this nifty list of resources to help you in the task.


Physical Health and Nutrition

Keeping kids physically healthy should be a real priority for parents. A balanced diet and adequate exercise will do the trick.

  • Take steps to provide proper nutrition for your youngsters.
  • Keep some healthy snacks handy that your children will actually eat.
  • Look for fun ways to engage your kids with physical activity.


Mental Health

It’s never too early to take care of mental health. Doing so in kids ensures that they grow up to be mentally healthy and well-adjusted adults.

  • You might be surprised to learn many kids struggle with mental well-being.
  • A few basics help to encourage kids’ sound mental health.
  • Teen depression is not unusual; learn the signs and how to respond.
  • Have an age-appropriate heart-to-heart talk with your child about your divorce.
  • Also address how you talk about your ex (or soon to be ex) when within earshot of your kids.
  • If one of your children is struggling, connect with a counselor who can help.


Educational Development

Learning should not be limited in schools. In fact, it starts at home.

  • Certain activities can bolster the learning power of toddlers.
  • You can create fun learning opportunities for your youngsters.
  • The tween years are pivotal, not only physically, but also in terms of cognitive development.
  • Kids love electronics, so look for video games that offer education as well as entertainment.
  • Gaming requires a robust internet connection to avoid lagging and buffering.


Emotional Quotient

Always keep in mind that teaching kids kindness and empathy is equally as important as teaching them academics and life skills.


Safety and Security

It’s your job as a parent to educate and protect your kids from the dangers of the world.

A divorce is challenging to everyone involved. Visit Lifebridge Parenting Classes to learn all you can about parenting, this noblest of jobs, and coupled with your natural instincts, you can be sure that the kids will be fine.

For more information on classes or counseling services, connect with Lifebridge Parenting Classes.

Article by: Kristin Louis

Photo via Pexels